Covid-19 notice

For nearly 60 years, Esalen has welcomed guests to the picturesque Big Sur coastline. COVID-19 safety measures require us to adapt our hospitality — but while our operations will look and feel different, our dedication to exploring and realizing human potential remains the same.

The safety and protection of our guests, faculty and staff is of utmost importance as we all move forward together. This will be a time of calm, far fewer people, private baths overlooking the glorious Pacific Ocean, and open grounds to safely enjoy walks, picnics, games, exercise, and the sublime sunsets.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the road like? Where do I check road closures?
Can I sleep in my car, RV or tent?
Can I come take a tour and just look around?
How do I tip my massage therapist?
What time should I check out?
What time can I check in?
Can I bring my child to Esalen?
What payment methods/credit cards do you accept?
Will my cell phone work at Esalen? Is there internet access?
Is there a pharmacy or doctor on property?
Can I Smoke? Is Smoking Allowed?
Can I Bring my Dog? Cat? Other Pet?
Do You Have a Safe or a Place to Keep my Valuables?
Will I need a flashlight?
Can I consume cannabis during my visit?
What if I lose something? Is there a lost and found?
Must I Get Naked? Is Esalen a Nudist Colony?
What is your Cancellation Policy?
Do You Offer Assistance/Accessiblity for Disabled Persons?
How do I get to Esalen? How far is Esalen from the Nearest Airport?